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Our History and Advantage - Professional manufacturing of Dispensing Machine | Silicone Extruding Machine | Glue Glazing Machine

Our History and Advantage

Our History September 2011 was established in Shenzhen; Received industry gold product award in 2012; Hebei office was established in May 2013; Dongguan Office was established in July 2014; In 2016, the company first developed a LED soft lamp with a silicone extruder production line; In 2017, Dongguan R&D and production base was established; The Southwest Office was established in April 2018. With more than 10,000 square meters’s independent research and development production base in Dongguang, and 3000 square meters of the office area, we have a number of invention technical patent certificates, a number of engineers with years experience in glue controlling industry, and several branch offices in the national-wide(Shenzhen, Dongguan, Zhongshan, Hebei, Wenzhou, Guilin etc), the equipment has been popularly selling to domestic and foreign(Germany, France, India, South Korea, Russia, Britain, the United States etc.) markets. The company is dedicated to provide high quality equipment and excellent fluid solutions and services. Nowadays with the fierce competition in the manufacturing industry, the rising labor costs  has becoming to the long-term growing obstacle. To realize automation, improve production technology and reduce the artificial production costs are going to be the best way for any enterprises to jump out the difficulties to stand out and realize the new profits growth; With the company independent innovation, break through the traditional model, set up the professional team of IE (industrial engineering), with the IE teams’ long-term practical experience and intelligence, integration of the automation equipment technology, within a few years, the company has become a professional automation equipment manufacturer and services supplier. The company will always provide the best solution, and the most excellent services to achieve a win-win cooperation relationship. Our Product


Post time: 2018-12-07