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Faq Archive - Professional manufacturing of Dispensing Machine | Silicone Extruding Machine | Glue Glazing Machine


  • Q: Why dose the automatic dispensing machine  divided into three – axis or four – axis or five – axis?


    Commonly ,The automatic dispensing machine is divided into two, three, four and five axes types, among which the three-axis series dispensing machine is the most commonly used, which divided into X, Y and Z axes.

    The general tri-axis dispensing machine can meet the production needs, the four-axis dispensing machine is just add a rotating shaft, so many tri-axis dispensing machine can not solve the problem which the four-axis can well solved it.

      Compared to the three-axis dispensing machine, The four-axis dispensing machine can fully realizes 360-degree rotating point glue, such as drawing points, straight lines, multi-section lines, three-dimensional arc (spatial arc), circle, ellipse, runway, spacing shape, helix, coating, automatic round Angle, irregular three-dimensional spline curve and other graphic elements.


    Shenzhen YiErMai Technology Co., Ltd is a new automatic enterprise ,integrating design, production, sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It specializes in R&D and production of dispensing machines, dispensing machines, glue filling machines, coating machines, LEDs. Soft lamp with silicone extrusion line and all kinds of fully automatic online fluid control equipment; all kinds of non-standard automatic machine. Welcome Consulting and waitting for your cooperation.

  • Q: How to replace the hose in the process of using Potting Machine?


    If the glue is replaced during the operation, the hose must be replaced. How to replace the hose? For this question, Now let YiErMai Technology technical staff  to  give you a simple answer.

    When replacing the hose of the dispenser, The most important thing is that you should be careful not to let air into the colloid channel. If there is air residue in the hose and You also make sure the air does not pass through the hose into the filling pumpplease replace the hose of the automatic filling machine by the following steps:


    1. Firstly ,Turn offthe filling machine and open the door ,meamwhile remember remove the cooling jacket from the hose (if any)


    1. Secondly, Unload the pressure head;


    1. Remove the hose.Please make sure the 90 ° elbow pipe fittings are stilled attached to the glue valve (if there is a bend pipe fittings);


    1. When the hose is unloaded, there will be a small cavity appearedat the bottom of the potting machine lock swivel .Please fill the cavity with the gel from the old hose and check lock swivel If there has the bubbles.  If have the bubbles ,please fill the cavity with a new hose and check for bubbles.If the air bubbles still exist, please use the another


    1. Remove the cap of the new hose;.


    1. Please keep the end of the hose toward to the below so that the colloid can completely fill the bottom of the hose;


    1. Connect the hose andthe lock swivel of pouring valve. If the gel spills over the parts, plese wipe it clean.


    1. Reinstall the pressure head.


    1. Reinstall the hose cooling sleeve (if any);


    1. Close the door of the filling machine;
    2. Restart the device.

    Above is the potting machine which replace the hose in the process of using Potting Machine. We hope for your help,if you want to learn more about us Please feel free to contact us.

  • Q: How is the glue of dispensing machine stored?


    What should we pay attention to when we store the glue of dispensing machine?

    The tips as followings,hope can helpful to you.


    1. Firstly,The glue had better to be put in the well- ventilatedr place,which is good for the toxic odour emissions, and reduce the indoor air pollution so as not to affect healthy.  Because they’re chemicals, so if you work long hours in a room which filled with glue, there will be bad affect for your healthy.


    1. Secondly ,Please keep the glued in a dry and cool place, which helps to protect the quality of the glueduring the warranty period. and extended the service time


    1. Stay away fromopen fires or hot objects, or maybe will cause the fire.  Because Some properties of glue are flammable. If have the fire the consequences are unimaginable.


    1. Please put it in the place which the child cannot reach, or maybeit can cause damage to the child’s skin or body parts.


    The four points above are the attention to the glue of dispensing machine stored.  Usually some serious accidents caused by insignificant or minor details. We should guard against it,and pay more attention to some details.


    By the way,  there are some tips for you .The 502 glue and instant dry glue have been applied to various suitable fields ,but some of them belong to the chemical materials. The ingredients of the glue are somewhat corrosive, which has a bad effect on the body skin. So we reminds you that please do not touch  the 502 glue or instant dry glue and others by your skin directly

  • Q: How to choose the appropriate TS-TT (Dispensing needles) to automatic glue machine ?


    The choice of glue has a significant impact on the quality of the packaging of the dispensing product,which  is determined by many comprehensive factors. Some of important factors are the  precision of packaging machine, the size of packaging pressure and the length of packaging time. The following are the tips which from our  technical staff.


    Firstly ,the most commonly TS-TT(dispensing needles) which we used are

    divided into large-size needles, small-size needles and inclined needles


    Large needles are suitable for higher pressure and longer time of the  large amounts of glue.


    The small needle are suitable for the small amount of glue under the lower pressure and a short period of time. In the process of dispensing some water-based glue fluid with a small needle, the dispensing time should be set according to the packaging requirements


    The inclined needle is often applied to higher pressure ,thicker glue of application of dispensing. The packaging time should be set according to the difference of packaging requirements too.


    At the same time ,according to the differernt nature of the glue,the dispensing needles also need the special setting. Such as instant glue, UV glue, photocurable glue, anaerobic glue, sealant, etc.


    For example, In the packaging process of the instant glue afety piston and metal needle are required. For some instant glue with high viscosity, it is necessary to use inclined needle to complete the encapsulation.

  • Q: What’s the price? How much of the dispensing machine?


    Let us know about the dispensing firstly.The dispensing machine is an automatic machine for controlling the fluid glue and sealing the liquid drop, coating and pouring on the surface of the product or inside the products.which can make the product sealed fixed and waterproof and so on.,


    It is mainly used for the adhesion, filling, coating, sealing and filling of glue and other liquids in the process of products. The automatic filling machine can realize the filling of irregular shapes such as point, line, arc and circle.


    So it’s hard to tell you the exact price due to the price upon your requirments.

    Different requiments which we need the different design or parts. In other words the filling machine is customized products.


    When you are looking for someone product on the Internet, may be you will like to consult the price immediately, but we maybe cannot provide you the exact price. Even give you a reference price mayto beyond your budget and you leave at once.We sincerely hope that you can give us both a little time to get to know each other better. You can tell us all your product requirements and then we can give you a quotation.


    Please don’t  blindly chasing price,maybe low price has low quality. The dispensing machine is different from others , the price usually higher . A high dispensing machine can be used for many years, and in the long run it saves money and time. If you buy the less quality machine just waste your money

    Because maybe you use it for a while.


    The dispensing machine is also divided into several types,just like manual or semi-automatic, or called different, so blindly giving customer prices is also not good for the customer, We will select your specific requirements from a professional perspective, and then give you a correct price.


    Shenzhen YiErMai Technology Co., Ltd is a new automatic enterprise ,integrating design, production, sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It specializes in R&D and production of dispensing machines, dispensing machines, glue filling machines, coating machines, LEDs. Soft lamp with silicone extrusion line and all kinds of fully automatic online fluid control equipment; all kinds of non-standard automatic machine.


    We have more than 20 years research and development production factory,

    We have our own independent research and development engineering institute and first-class production process and we have already cooprated with

    many brands like the LeiShiMing lighting. Niubao and Ledmy and so on.

  • Q: How much is a silicone extruder of LED soft light belt?  What’s its contribution?


    Silica gel extrusion LED lamp belt is another important industry extension of silica gel extrusion products.


    However, due to the unique process problem of LED extrusion, it has not been solved for a long time and cannot meet the requirements of customers (which cannot be compared with products of traditional technology).


    YIERMAI engaged in the research and development of this project since 2013. After two years, it finally held the leading industry extrusion technology in early 2015. After nearly three years of r&d and practical investment, the LED soft light with silica gel extruder finally met everyone and made great contributions in the LED field.


    So many people will ask that the price of the silicone extruder of LED soft light belt? If it is higher and how ‘s the purpose? Now Let YIERMAI compay analyze it for you.


    1. With the advent of the LED soft light with silicone extruder, in order to make the technical field  more advanced,our YIERMAI company has increased its research and development in recent years, and invested a lot of money in both technology and budget.


    1. The LED soft light with silicone extruder solves the problem that the PVC extruder could not reach before, so that make your product quality more stabler and appearance more beautiful.


    1. Other factors influencing the price include the customer’s need. the choice of the color and screw. Such as you choose the monochromeor double color, single screw or double screw, and other matching options also affect the

    Price.such as water cooler, rubber mixer, hot air curing dryer, wire rack, repair machine, etc.Of course, The services ,quality are the factors of price.


    So, what is the contribution of the LED soft light with silicone extruder?


    • The color temperature drift of the extruded product is smaller, which can ensure that the seal is near the same tothe original color temperature and has good consistency.
    • Excellent water resistance, yellow resistance, non – erosionby water and no break-off with in long time in the water.
    • For silica gel and lamp strip co-extrusion, through mold molding,which can

    extrude thousands of meters at a time,and the extrusion size is more standard, the efficiency is more higher.


    • It has excellent transmittance and refractive index, and can reduce the light attenuation of the light source.


    • The excellent strength of silica gel makes the lamp beltmore stronger

    in special bad environment.


    YIERMAI is a professional manufacturer of extruder, focuses on quality for many years, which is well recognized in the industry. The company has a team of experienced engineers who serve many famous enterprises and can solve any problem of equipment well.

  • Q: Product application industry and the working principle of dispensing machine?


    We all know that the dispenser is a device for dispensing, but we don’t know how it works.


    The dispensing machine is also called gluing machine, gluing machine, gluing machine, pouring machine, etc.And the fluid drop, coating on the product surface or the product internal automatic machine, can achieve three-dimensional, four-dimensional path point glue, accurate positioning, precise control glue, do not pull wire, do not leak glue, do not drop glue.The dispensing machine is mainly used for the precise point, injection, coating and drip of the glue, paint and other liquids in the process of products to the precise position of each product.


    Dispensing machine is divided into many types.For instance manual, semiautomatic, automatic, on-line type, desktop type, floor type, board type and so on, or different industries will use different glue .speakly, It can be said that the category aspect is broad.


    1. Productapplication industry:


    1)Electronics industry:

    LEDs, LCDs, sensors, transformers, relays, coils, micro motors, printed circuit boards, speakers, plastic housings for electronic components, switch boxes, industrial lighting, metal enclosures, power supplies, resistors, capacitors.


    2)Craft gift industry:

    Crystal craft glue, Epoxy sign, Epoxy photo frame, Epoxy sticker, Crystal sign.


    3)Automotive industry:

    electronic component housings, ignition coils, fans, door modules, pump housings, bonnets, sensors, motor controllers, microswitches, automotive lights, filters.

    4)Solar industry:

    solar inverter, solar battery cover, solar module frame, solar glue board.


    5)dical technology industry:

    pacemakers, surgical tools, dialysis filters, dental equipment, sterilization kits, medical breathing masks

    6)Industrial electrical

    Adhesion sealing of capacitors, transformers, relays, buttons, motor coils and electric cabinet doors.


    1. What is the working principle of the dispensing machine?


    According to different pressure methods, the dispensing methods of dispensing glue are divided into different method. Such as time pressure method, screw pump distribution method, piston pressure method, and injection dispensing method.


    • Time pressure method:

    It was first used in SMT((SurfaceMountTechnology), can obtain predetermined amount of glue and diameter of glue points by controlling time and pressure. Usually, the amount of coating increases with the increase of pressure and time.


    • Screw pump distribution method.

    This method uses the rotary pump pressure technique to drive the glue liquid to be coated, which has high repeatable accuracy and can be used for coating the adhesive with the worst coating performance.It USES a motor drive to turn the screw to a precise distance or Angle, and it works in a way that produces adhesive drops that are more repeatable than the time-pressure method.

    • Piston pressure method.

    This method adopts a closed-loop dispensing machine, which operates by matching piston and cylinder. The piston moves downward in the cavity to push the glue liquid.Advantages of this method is faster than the previous two methods, but also, the high viscosity of the fluid outlet flow can be adjusted by controlling the size of the air pressure, extruded the amount of time will not change because of the size of the drop point, maintaining work efficiency, thus it can be easier to achieve quick glue, accurate glue, repeatable drops, and can be applied to the different viscosity glue drops.The disadvantages are: the equipment needs frequent cleaning, the cleaning process is complex, and the equipment investment is large;The time point glue containing large particles is not suitable for this method.

    • Fluid spray spot gluemethod

    This method is a recently developed dispensing technology.Its basic principle is similar to that of an inkjet printer, which automatically separates materials by applying a force large enough to the fluid.The gel fluid fills the space between the spray needle and the cylinder under the action of the colloidal pressure.First, the spray needle moves upward under the action of air pressure and stays at the highest position for an appropriate period of time. Under the action of spring force, the spray needle moves downward, the ball surface at the end collides with the base, the flow glue liquid is cut off, and the glue liquid at the lower end of the sphere sprays out from the nozzle at a high speed, forming glue drop.The spray needle then stays in the lowest position for a while, and then moves to the next period of motion.

  • Q: Does your company have a branch elsewhere?


    Of course,our company have many branchs,which are in Zhongshan, Hebei, Zhejiang, Guilin and other points, the headquartered is in shenzhen, if any problems can be solved easily and quickly.

    We have more than 20 years research and development production factory,

    We have our own independent research and development engineering institute and first-class production process and we have already cooprated with

    many brands like the LeiShiMing lighting. Niubao and Ledmy and so on.

  • Q: Can you customize non-standard equipment for your products?


    Yes, our company can customize non-standard equipment according to customer requirements and provide appropriate solutions. We can say that our products are customized products

  • Q: What are your main products and what are your strengths in the industry?


    Shenzhen YIERMAI technology co., LTD. Mainly produces non-standard automation equipment such as glue machine, pouring machine, silica gel extruder and glue drip machine, which has a wide range of application.The company is a relatively mature company in the industry, with many years of practical operation experience r & d personnel, and in the continuous progress and r & d, technology is constantly innovative, products are excellent quality, high production efficiency,  Good after-sales service.

  • Q: Is your company a manufacturer?


    Shenzhen YiErMai Technology Co., Ltd is a new automatic enterprise ,integrating design, production, sales, installation, commissioning and maintenance. It specializes in R&D and production of dispensing machines, dispensing machines, glue filling machines, coating machines, LEDs. Soft lamp with silicone extrusion line and all kinds of fully automatic online fluid control equipment; all kinds of non-standard automatic machine.


    The company is mainly engaged in a series of automation equipments such as LED, electronics, automobile, solar energy, photovoltaic, medical industry, etc., mainly products including CCD vision positioning dispenser, LED module glue filling machine, LED light strip dispensing machine, LED full casing light strip Glue filling machine, bulb lamp dispensing machine, electronic product dispensing machine, automatic online dispensing machine, power filling machine, resistance filling machine, solar filling machine, three anti-paint coating machine, LED soft light With silicone extrusion line and other dispensing, dispensing, potting equipment and various non-standard automation equipment; equipment with humanized design, easy to learn, easy to operate, small operating error, accurate control of the amount of glue control; Moreover, the equipment is adaptable and can be used in one machine. The company can also provide the best solution according to the different needs of customers, and provide the best service for customers. The company solves the worries for customers with good after-sales service.


    With the rapid development of China’s manufacturing industry, the competition industry is becoming more and more fierce. The company keeps pace with the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing automation. Within a few years, it has rapidly developed into an elite team that has been specialized in the design, production and sales of automation equipment. Strong technical force and advanced testing methods, focusing on R&D and production of automation equipment to meet market demand

    Objective: To create a global automation brand and build an international Chinese company;

    Business philosophy: technology, quality, service, and possibility;

    Service Mission: Create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, and create benefits for society.

  • Q: Will glue affect the quality of automatic dispensing machine?


    The choice of glue has a significant impact on the quality of the packaging of the dispensing product, and the difference of the encapsulation glue has a vital influence on the selection of the automatic dispenser equipment. Automatic dispensing machine equipment itself is to control the amount of glue and the discharge time of the device, so in the use of automatic dispensing machine, the impact of the glue quality problems to solve. Then how to choose the packaging equipment according to the function and nature of the glue is the point glue machine manufacturers need to focus attention.


    According to the different classification of the glue packaging equipment classification mainly has UV glue dispensing machine, AB glue dispensing machine, sealant dispenser, black glue dispensing machine, epoxy glue dispenser, damping oil dispenser, cob black glue dispensing machine, 502 glue dispensing machine, grease dispenser, bonding glue, bonding glue dispenser, white glue dispensing machine, solder paste dispensing machine, and other rubber dispenser Silver glue dispensing machine, red glue dispensing machine, silicone rubber dispenser.


    UV glue, AB glue, sealant glue, black glue, epoxy glue, etc. are the most commonly used in automatic dispensing machine application of some of the packaging glue. Its nature and function are different. Taking UV glue as an example, the choice and operation of dispensing equipment is critical in applications where this type of glue is needed for encapsulation. This kind of colloid is more susceptible to UV light, ultraviolet light interference, so in the choice of rubber tube, you need to choose some anti-ultraviolet, anti-UV light cartridge. In the selection of dispensing machine equipment is also the case, the maximum degree of avoidance because of the nature of the glue to the packaging product quality adversely affect the problem.