How To Realize 3D Dispensing And Precision Dispensing In Automatic Dispenser

The complete automatic dispenser system consists of a dispensing robot, a hand-held programmer, and a dispensing controller. The dispensing robot consists of a “mechanical + motor + motion control card”. The automatic dispenser realizes three-dimensional motion, and the command is mainly issued by the control card, which is completed by the three-axis robot! The mechanical part is a three-degree-of-freedom transmission mechanism platform. The rubber head can be positioned by mechanical movement to any (X, Y, Z) coordinate of the space. The motion control card is actually equivalent to a smart computer. It sends a pulse to the drive of the motor to cause the motor to move mechanically. It can control the machine to go out of a variety of trajectories, flexible control of motion speed, acceleration, and high-precision positioning. In order to adapt to the rapid development of industrial dispensing equipment, people have launched a new industrial dispensing robot product for enterprise applications based on the research results of many years of motion control systems. According to the actual production needs, under the premise of meeting the performance index, the product structure is optimized to adapt to the flexible and rapid requirements in the dispensing process, improve the reliability of the product, and effectively reduce the product cost. With the development of the industry, the demand for products using adhesives and chemical synthetic resins is increasing. Headed by semiconductors, video recorders, and electronic components, the construction industry, the automotive industry, and the aviation industry have put forward new requirements for hydraulic control technology. At the same time, with the demand for miniaturization, lightweight, rationality of production, and low cost, the performance and accuracy requirements of the liquid discharge control machine are also constantly increasing. In the process of using dispensing, various problems arise. For example, leakage, poor sealing leads to curing of glue, many bubbles, poor curing, and the like. These problems often plague the majority of users. Therefore, I suggest that when choosing a dispenser, don’t just consider the cost problem. As the saying goes, for a penny, you should choose a good dispenser with good reputation. The problem of liquid leakage is definitely a seal problem. Due to its low precision, there are defects in design or durability. The sealing is not strict, there are barrels and pipelines, etc., seemingly simple pipelines, professional conveying pipes should be selected for specific glues, and so on. There are two reasons for poor curing. First, the accuracy of the glue ratio is not enough. Second, the mixing effect is not good. Therefore, the accuracy of the metering pump is particularly important. There are two ways to mix and match static and dynamic. As for which method to choose, it depends on the actual nature of the glue. How To Realize 3D Dispensing And Precision Dispensing In Automatic Dispenser

Post time: 2019-02-14