Introduction To The Composition Of The Automatic Dispenser

The automatic dispenser is an indispensable equipment for modern automated dispensing lines, which is very helpful for the pass rate and efficiency of product dispensing. The friend who just touched the dispenser didn’t know much about it and didn’t know how to use it. Today, Yiermai begins with the composition of the automatic dispenser and takes you through the dispensing machine. The three major systems essential to automatic dispensers are: actuators, drive mechanisms and control systems. The first major component of an automatic dispenser: the actuator. The actuator is mainly responsible for the dispensing operation, and the drive mechanism can help the actuator to achieve more accurate and higher quality dispensing, which of course depends on a scientific and reasonable control system. The automatic dispenser actuator consists of a robot and a torso. The robot operates in a straight line during the operation. In order to cooperate with the operation of the manipulator, actuators such as a linear hydraulic cylinder, a swing hydraulic cylinder, an electro-hydraulic pulse motor, a servo hydraulic motor, an AC servo motor, a DC servo motor, and a stepping motor are generally selected. The torso of the automatic dispenser is the main part of the dispenser, including the mounting arm, the power source, and the brackets of various actuators, all of which belong to the torso of the dispenser. The next thing to say is the second major component of the automatic dispenser: the drive unit. There are four main types of automatic dispenser drive mechanisms: hydraulic drive, pneumatic drive, electric drive, and mechanical drive. Among them, only electric and pneumatic drives rely on the relative amount of glue, the gas source is convenient, the maintenance is simple and convenient, and the relatively low cost accounted for 90% of the total application. The last thing to say is the dispenser control system. Its function is to ensure that the dispensing operation is simpler and more precise and high-speed. The control system of the automatic dispenser is equipped with a motion control card, an offline conversion board, a handheld teaching box, a serial line, an interface line, a dongle, an offline liquid product, an offline keyboard, and a thin code switch dispensing program. The advantage of such an assembly is that the file is easy to download and convenient for data management. Introduction To The Composition Of The Automatic Dispenser

Post time: 2019-01-15