Dispenser setting for special equipment

Today’s LED lamps are widely used in display, outdoor lighting, automotive industrial lighting, and entertainment lighting with high brightness, multi-color, and high luminous efficiency. The reason why LED lamps can achieve high-brightness illumination is mainly because there is an inter-connected design inside the LED lamps to increase the brightness by superimposing the light sources. This requires that in the automatic dispensing and automatic filling of LED lamps, it is necessary to take into account the particularity of its internal structure and dispense in sub-areas.

The dispenser requires a specially set fluid:
1. Instant glue: use the safety piston and Teflon lined metal needle for the water-based instant glue. For the thick instant glue, use the tapered oblique needle. If it is flexible, use the PP needle.
2. UV glue: use amber syringe, white piston and oblique needle (can cover the UV) If you use other types of needles, please order a UV-shielded needle.
3. light curing adhesive: use black opaque syringe, white piston, can cover the needle of ultraviolet light.
4. anaerobic adhesive: use 10CC syringe and white PE universal piston.
5. sealant and paste fluid: If the use of white piston rebound is serious, please use a safe type of live, using a diagonal needle.

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