YEM-D441-1 30CC Fluid 3 Axis Dispensing Machine


  1. PC computer LCD screen operation, easy to program, easy to learn and understand;
  2. It has the functions of drawing points, lines, faces, arcs, circles, and continually tween of irregular curves to realize any 3D non-planar track path;
  3. The size of the glue, the speed of the glue, the time of dispensing, and the time of stopping the glue can all be parameterized;
  4. With the special dispensing controller, the glue output is stable, the glue is clean and the glue is not leaked;
  5. Quickly dot, draw lines and draw circles in the inner, outer wall, vertical surface, gap and spherical surface of the product;
  6. According to the needs of customers, it can be equipped with fixtures, glue guns, controllers, heating temperature control devices, etc.

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Function Introduction Usage Advantages
Timed Quantitative Filling Set up and save the settings for one single product, this setting can be recalled for future usage. The glue amount, speed can be adjusted anytime. Glue outputting more accurate, productive. The glue potted products will be more beautiful, flat and good quality.
Auto Path Dispensing Easy to learn and understand, convenient for beginner to operate. All the saved paths can be recalled for future usage. Accurate positioning, fast movements, release people from the tiring and boring repeating job, improve the productivity and save costs. Normally the machine efficiency is equal to 5~8 workers.
Low Amount Alarming System When the glue is not enough or the machine is abnormal, the machine will show the warning message. Humanized engineering design, avoid the serious damages
Leak-proof Function When the dispensing head needs to move accurately, and finished the potting process. The moment resorption function will start and make sure the glue won’t drop off. To avoid the glue to pollute or effect the outlook of the products.
Timing Dispensing According to different glue features, users can set up the glue outputting speed and interval time. To avoid the glue curved in the mixing tube. To avoid the glue curved in the mixing tube while workers short break, shift switching.
Cleaning Function Clean and wash the A&B rubber hose automatically. Convenient, fast, clean. Dynamic mixing to avoid the machine was stuck by the glue.
Flow Monitoring
The machine is equipped with a curing agent flow meter, and the amount of remaining curing agent can be displayed according to the pressure of the glue. More accurate.


Mainly used in: Sensors, relays, power adapters, electronic toys, sounders, electronic components, household appliances, computers, crafts, coils, button products, speakers, speaker packages, mobile phone batteries, PCB bonding, COB, IC, PDA, LCD Sealing, hardware parts packaging, quantitative liquid filling, chip bonding, automotive machinery parts coating, mechanical seals, etc.


Glue Mixing Ratio 1:1-10:1/Customizable
Dispensing Speed 10-150g/5s(based on 1:1 glue proportion)
Dispensing Precision Glue Amount±1%, Glue Proportion±1%
X/Y/Z Working Range 400*400*100mm
XYZ Speed Max 300mm/s
Drive System Stepping Motor + Timing Belt
Repeatability ±0.02mm
Pattern Lines, Circles, Arcs, Continuous Paths, 3D Linear Interpolation
Potting Precision Amount±1%, Ratio:±1%
Operation Method Auto
Programming Teach Pendant
Control PLC
Leak-proof Function Valve with Vacuum Device
Document Support CAD, CorelDRAW
Weight 40kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 616*685*645mm
Power Supply 220V 50-60Hz 350W

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