YEM-L331 Single Working Station Blowing Type Automatic Screwing Machine


  1. Support computer graphics import function, can import PLT file and G code file;
  2. Rich motion instructions and auxiliary instruction sets;
  3. Convenient and friendly document teaching and editing functions, and provide a variety of advanced editing functions such as batch modification, array copying, graphic shifting, graphic scaling, automatic rounding, etc., with a common graphics library for customer calls;

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The automatic soldering machine is mostly used in the electronics manufacturing industry. It is mainly used for process processes and solder processing that are difficult to achieve in reflow soldering and wave soldering. It is especially suitable for mixed circuit boards, heat sensitive components, and sensitive devices in the SMT back-end process. Welding, widely used in PCB board welding line, charger plug welding, connector soldering, DC end tin, LED light strip connection and other fields. Automatic soldering robots replace manual soldering to improve work efficiency and improve solder quality.


Suitable for automotive electronics, digital, electronic products, electro-acoustic, LCD, circuit board and other production industries, connectors, RJ / network transformers, cable, FPCB welding, COF welding, computer motherboards, CABLE, speakers and motors Quality welding industry.


X/Y/Z Working Range 300*300*100mm
R Axis 360°
XYZ Speed Max 300mm/s
Drive System Stepping Motor + Timing Belt
Repeatability ±0.02mm
Operation Method Auto
Programming Teach Pendant
Control PLC
Document Support CAD, CorelDRAW
Weight 45kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 516*585*800mm
Power Supply 220V 50-60Hz 350W

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