YEM-ZD5000-1 PCB Glue Dropping Machine – with PLC


With PLC

It's easy to write program.

Glue Dispensing Accuracy: high precision gear pump, large glue amount and glue mixing ratio with new technological breakthroughs.

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Dynamic Mixing Automatically mixing the A&B glues, high sealing ability to avoid bubbles Timing quantitative, dynamic mixing and using, no need to do the vacuum, saving labor costs, convenient operation, improve production. Dispensing to products directly after stirring, make the most use of glue before it’s solidified.
Timed Quantitative Filling Set up and save the settings for one single product, this setting can be recalled for future usage. The glue amount, speed can be adjusted anytime. Glue outputting more accurate, productive. The glue potted products will be more beautiful, flat and good quality.
Low Amount Alarming System When the glue is not enough or the machine is abnormal, the machine will show the warning message. Humanized engineering design, avoid the serious damages
Leak-proof Function When the dispensing head needs to move accurately, and finished the potting process. The moment resorption function will start and make sure the glue won’t drop off. To avoid the glue to pollute or effect the outlook of the products.
Timing Dispensing According to different glue features, users can set up the glue outputting speed and interval time. To avoid the glue curved in the mixing tube. To avoid the glue curved in the mixing tube while workers short break, shift switching.
Glue Bucket Sealing There’s a professional sealing ring to make sure the glue tank in vacuum status. To avoid the glue to be crystallization or curved.
Cleaning Function Clean and wash the A&B rubber hose automatically. Convenient, fast, clean. Dynamic mixing to avoid the machine was stuck by the glue.
Automatic Stiring Function(Optional) Can auto stirring the filler glue, to avoid the sedimentation. To avoid the the sediment of the glue to block the rubber hose, and make sure the glue ratio mixing equalization and quality. Reduce the waste, keep the working environment clean, and improve the production.
Heating Function(Optional) To heat up the glue tank. Make sure the glue warm, movable and potting quality
Vacuum System If high requirements for the glue defoaming, users can vacuum the glue tank to realize defoaming purpose. The machine come with the vacuum equipment. Compare to the independent defoaming system, it’s more efficient and avoid the bubbles after vacuumization.
Auto Glue inputting When the glue is under the bottom level, this system can supply the glue automatically to the glue tank. To improve the productivity, especially for the high glue amount requirement applications.


Mainly used in: crystal panels, smart card, key chain, crystal crafts, luminous module, display, hard and soft strip, fluorescent lamp, wall washer and other lamp products; For the electronic industry such as: waterproof power adapter, resistors, capacitors and so on.


Glue Mixing Ratio 1:1-10:1/Customizable
Dispensing Speed 10-100g/5s(based on 1:1 glue proportion)
Dispensing Precision Glue Amount±1%, Glue Proportion±1%
X/Y/Z Working Range 5000*300*30mm(Can be customized)
XYZ Speed Max 250mm/s
Repeatability ±0.05mm
Pattern Lines, Circles, Arcs, Continuous Paths, 3D Linear Interpolation
Potting Precision Amount±1%, Ratio:±1%
Input Pressure Range 0.5-0.8MPa
Head Sealing Pressure MAX≤2.6Mpa
Adhesive Viscosity <10000CPS
Operation Method Auto/Manual
Programming Teach Pendant
Control Smart control card+PLC+Touch Screen(Program setting, modify, save)
Leak-proof Function Valve with Vacuum Device
Mixing System High-speed Dynamic Mixing Device
Glue Injecting Control High Precision Pump
Nozzle Head 1 nozzle with 4 heads
Cleaning Tank Volume 10L(304 Stainless Steel Material)
A Glue Tank Volume 20L(304 Stainless Steel Material)
B Glue Tank Volume 20L(304 Stainless Steel Material)
A Pump High Precision Gear Pump(6-12CC)
B Pump High Precision Gear Pump(0.6-2.4CC)
A Glue Tank Mixing System Customize
B Glue Tank Mixing System Customize
A Glue Heating System Support
B Glue Heating System Customize
Tank Vacuum Function Customize
Dimension(L*W*H)mm 61000*1180*1500mm
Power Supply 220V 50Hz 3500W


Type Configuration QTY Unit Brand and Description
Frame Steel/ metal weld 1 Unit Standard Material
Control System Teaching program System 1 Set YEM R&D
Timing glue output system 1 Set Avoid glue to be harden
Glue program controller 1 Set Panasonic PLC
Touch screen 1 pcs 7 inch full color touch screen
Driver 5 set Gete
Dispenser Glue Supply System Cleaning Tank(304 with vacuum) 1 pcs YEM R&D
High pressure cleaning System 1 set YEM R&D
A Tank(304 bucket) 1 pcs YEM R&D
A glue tank heating parts 1   set YEM R&D
B Tank(304 bucket) 1 pcs YEM R&D
A Glue high precise gear pump 1 set YEM R&D
B Glue high precise pressure gear pump 1 set YEM R&D
High speed stirring motor+Warning system 1 set Gete
High stability servo Motor Driver 1 set YEM R&D
Glue liquid level limits warning Inductor 2 set YEM R&D
Double-liquid valve 2 pcs YEM R&D
Dynamic Mixing tube 10 set YEM R&D
Solenoid Valve 4 pcs AirTac
Air Pressure Monitor Inductor 1 set Bailing
High Precise working platform


X axis silence tank chain 1 set YEM R&D
X axis high circular rail 2 pcs AIXIN
X axis lengthen module 2 pcs AIXIN
Y axis silence tank chain 1 set YEM R&D
Y axis high circular rail 2 pcs AIXIN
Y axis lengthen module 4 pcs AIXIN
Z axis high circular rail 1 set AIXIN
Z axis lengthen module 4 pcs AIXIN
Z axis up/ down air cylinder 1 pcs Xingchen/ AirTac
3-axis stepping motor 3 set YAKO/ Xinlichuan
Drive system 3 set YEM R&D synchronous belt
 Position Limit photoelectric sensor 3 set Panasonic/ OMRON
Attachments Sealing Ring 1 set Teflon
resorption sealing ring 2 pcs Teflon
Q type sealing ring 10 pcs Teflon anti-corrosion
Single glue outputting head 2 set YEM R&D
Dynamic Mixing Tube 10 set YEM R&D
Tools Nozzle head 1 set YEM R&D
Allen wrenches 1 pcs YEM R&D
Adjustable wrench 1 pack
Gas-type fitting(Common) 1 pack

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