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YEM-ZT450 Whole Plate Coating Machine - Professional manufacturing of Dispensing Machine | Silicone Extruding Machine | Glue Glazing Machine

YEM-ZT450 Whole Plate Coating Machine


  1. The integral steel workbench and robust frame structure provide a strong guarantee for stability during operation.
  2. The high-precision, fully sealed module is used to completely isolate the corrosion of the screw and the rail. Compared with the control system of the stepper motor on the market, it has stable and high-precision motion control effects.
  3. Aluminum alloy track and stainless steel conveyor chain.
  4. Using a human-computer interaction interface, fast programming can greatly reduce programming time.

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Difference between selective coating machine and manual coating machine: Automatic coating is using for large production, large amount and long-term production line. Advantage: Selective coating, high precise, even, and no waste on the material and manpower and productive; However for the manual coating machine, need to cover the procedure manually, large wastes on the material, more manpower, uneven, and hard to coat for the narrow products.


Mainly used in: crystal panels, smart card, key chain, crystal crafts, luminous module, display, hard and soft strip, fluorescent lamp, wall washer and other lamp products; For the electronic industry such as: waterproof power adapter, resistors, capacitors and so on.


Working RangeL600*W400mm
Track Height880~930mm
Track Bearing (including fixture)5.8kg
PCB Range0~400mm
Valve Sparying Width3~30mm
Valve Tip Size0.8mm
Glue Tank10L Stainless Glue Steel Tank(with mixing function)
Washing Tank1-2L
Light SourceLED
Power SupplyAC220V 50/60HZ 1200W
Air Pressure Range0.4-0.6Mpa

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