Dispenser setting for special equipment

Today’s LED lamps are widely used in display, outdoor lighting, automotive industrial lighting, and entertainment lighting with high brightness, multi-color, and high luminous efficiency. The reason why LED lamps can achieve high-brightness illumination is mainly because there is an inter-connected design inside the LED lamps to increase the brightness by superimposing the light sources. This […]

What are the working characteristics of the dispenser?

Dispenser work features: 1. The dispenser has the functions of drawing points, 线, 圆弧, gardens, irregular curves, continuous tween input programs, and three-dimensional dispensing; 2, the dispensing machine any point, 线, surface, arc and other irregular curves continue to see the function of the seesaw. 4, high-speed, low noise speed DC brushless motor makes dispensing […]


The dispenser is a quantitative control phosphor dispensing machine specially designed and developed for the LED industry. In the current market, the most accurate and consistent glue control is available, the speed is fast, the consumables are small, the efficiency is high, and the viscosity of the glue is wide. Ultra-precise metering dispenser that is […]